Why Should I Belay

To Become a World Class Workplace!
Our CEO roundtables are for business owners and executive teams that are committed to building organizations of legacy and community service, to serve their internal & external customers with more value this year and every year going forward.

Our CEO's believe in accountability, peer to peer learning and the ideas that come from working on a problem with like minded people.

How it Works

People Problems are what we do best. Bring them to our Ceobelay and we can have the team work through it.

Problem Identification then Brainstorming, Homework then Accountability

What is Belay

Our meetings are once a month with 12 to 15 high level executives, professionally facilitated and confidential. We believe in finding breakthroughs together and climbing higher as a team.

Format :

  • Open network for 15 minutes 
  • Introductions 20 minutes 
  • 25 minute expert debriefing on topics effecting the workplace of today.  
  • A 90+ minute roundtable discussion on member problems; 
Idilus is a partner for business leaders who realize if they want to be a world class business they need to build a world class workplace. We have helped businesses design and execute the infrastructure through people, process, technology, money and leadership for them to do just that. People Problems are what we do best.  Bring them to our Ceobelay and we will have the team work through it. If you’re not maximizing their potential, how are your people performing? Bring it to our forum. If I talked to your People would they say you have a world class workplace?
Michael Colucci
Expert of the Day:
Michael Colucci CEO of Idilus LLC


Climbing for a World Class Workplace
November 9 at 9:00 am CST
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