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Performing People = Profitable Growth


The leader may require belays to tackle more difficult sections and ascending points of a difficult climb

Idilus has built a peer CEO group that meets once a month and brings in experts to talk through the people’s problems for running their businesses.  Each month an expert does a 25 minute roundtable on how to manage the “people problems” of business that are dynamically changing and we facilitate open forum discussions for 90+ minutes. 

Where Leaders
meet Leaders

We understand the challenges business owners face, because we have faced them ourselves.

Meeting Overview:


Open Network

(15 minutes)



(20 Minutes)


Expert debriefing

(25 Minutes)


Roundtable Meeting

(90 Minutes)


Idilus is a partner for business leaders who realize if they want to be a world class business they need to build a world class workplace.

We have helped businesses design and execute the infrastructure through people, process, technology, money and leadership for them to do just that.

People Problems are what we do best.  Bring them to our Ceobelay and we will have the team work through it.

If you’re not maximizing their potential, how are your people performing? Bring it to our forum.

If I talked to your People would they say you have a world class workplace?


Scott Roberts

Principal / Managing Partner

at ORION Strategies

The Power of Staccato Communications
June 30 at 1:00 pm EST

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